Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust Pan VS Hand Tossed

1 Feb

Pizza Hut makes the best pizza. I use their easy online ordering and have the pizzas delivered. It is fast, simple, and convenient. It costs $2.00 to have the pizza delivered plus a tip for the driver. With the new Pizza Hut prices being so low, it is the best deal around. As a full time graduate student and working mom, there are some days when I just don’t feel like cooking, or there isn’t anything good in the house to eat, so I decide to order a pizza. For under $15 I get a large stuffed crust specialty pizza delivered straight to my door – and that $15 includes driver tip.

There are several specialty pizzas that are a favorite here, but my most recent purchase was the Meat Lover’s Pizza. I can order a large Meat Lover’s for only $10. I like the stuffed crust though, and for the additional $1.00, it is totally worth it. A stuffed crust pizza is so rich and thick and heavy that you can’t eat as much, so the pizza goes further. My son doesn’t really like the crust on a regular pizza, so he would leave them on his plate or feed them to the dog then grab another piece. Now that I order the stuffed crust, he eats every bite.

In the past I have strictly ordered the hand tossed stuffed crust. It is a wonderful pizza crust, not too thin not too thick, and the delicious ring of cheese baked inside the outer rim of the crust is decadent. As of late, though, I decided to try the stuffed crust pan pizza. This pizza crust is significantly different from the hand tossed crust. At first I was disappointed because the ring of cheese is embedded on the outer edge of the crust, not baked inside the crust like it is on the hand tossed. It doesn’t have the same solid cheese experience that you get when you bite into the hand tossed crust. Instead, it is like an extra layer of cheese put on the top of the pizza before being baked, all around the outer edge. The one thing I did notice about the pan pizza crust is that it is greasy. Sometimes greasy is amazingly good. It seems like the bottom of the crust is fried. The oil soaks into the crust giving it a very different taste than the hand tossed crust. I liked that aspect of the pizza, but it can be a bit too much and you really have to be in one of those greasy junk food moods where you just want the satisfaction of indulging in a pure drippy fat sensation.

In my opinion the hand tossed stuffed crust is the all around winner for all occasions. 4 Your Dollar recommends paying the extra dollar for the stuffed crust because it is more filling than the regular crust and stretches your pizza further. For $11.00 plus tax, this large pizza is a bargain. I also recommend using the online ordering service as it is fast and easy to use. Once you have set up a profile on their website, the next time you go back, all you have to do is log in and it retains all your delivery information, but not payment information. You are allowed to choose between cash payment upon delivery or payment online when you order. It is fast, easy, and reliable. Delivery is also a great value for only $2.00 because it saves you time and gas.  Of course, if you want to pick up the pizza, you can still order online and choose the take out option.


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